Creating a personalized book with MyKahani is an experience by itself. From talking to the story writer to the creative team, everything is done with attention to detail.

We will develop a series of open ended questions that will help draw out your story on your chosen subjects.  We will mail you a set of questions that you need to answer.  You can mail them or whatsapp them or simply call us and dictate. We know your time is precious. You just have to give us the incidents in your language, and we do the story writing based on facts given.

It is your story and we will discuss what you want to tell. We shall be asking about your life and you are the expert on that.  We shall be asking about incidents, things that you want to document in the book, the person on whom the book is penned, etc. We will also send you a reminder to gather any photos or other documents you would like us to include in your life story book. We listen… listen and listen till you say there is nothing more to tell.

Of course, yes. You will be contacted in case our writer has any doubt. We don’t proceed further until we are convinced with the final story. For us, the story has to be captured in its essence. We try to keep the language as simple as possible so that the receiver always feels the giver’s emotions and feelings and the essence, without any dilution. We will surely call you again and again until we hit it right. Alternatively, you are also free to chip in with your inputs; it’s your book after all.

When you share the story with us, simultaneously you can send us the photos. You have to send the photos to a secured mail id provided by us. All photos have to be in high resolution for best printing quality. Kindly avoid sending photos via whatsapp as it compresses the image. Since we do a lot of image correction for making your images on the book come alive, we need good quality images.

We will edit the story/pointers given by you into a flowing first person narrative.  This will ensure that your memories are presented in an interesting way and divided into different headings for the layout of the book.  This makes it a very enjoyable format for you and your loved ones to read.  After this process, the story goes for book layout.

MyKahani Book layout process is completely personalized and is an experience by itself. Each image will be processed and curated using Photo editing software. A page layout is decided and images and story are aligned in sequence. Once done, the entire layout is sent to the highly qualified senior creative head. If there are changes, they will be incorporated, or else the designed book is sent back to the servicing team, who forwards it to you for approval via email or whatsapp, whichever is convenient to you.

Yes. At MyKahani, we are just executors of your story. The book is sent to you via whatsapp or mail for your approval. Only when you approve your book with all images, layout and story, it will be sent for printing.

Yes, you can give corrections after going through the book. We will incorporate the same and send it back to you for your approval once again. Only when you are completely satisfied with the book, we will send it for printing.

It takes 2 working days for us to print, bind and package the book. The book is immediately dispatched from our printing press to your desired address. All our books are dispatched via air and we service almost all the pincodes in India. You can track your order online at mykahani.com after the Book is dispatched.