Surprise him/her on your Anniversary with Anniversary Book

Celebrate The Milestone Of Togetherness With Best Anniversary Gift – A Personalised Book.

It’s that time of the year when you find ways to gift something to the love of your life.

Anniversary is a special occasion to showcase your love and the importance of your loved ones in your life. Gift wrap the innumerable occasions and events of the past with your personal touch and convey to your loved one that they are special and that you care.

In fact, you can have a book for every anniversary and go back into the memory lane with each book.

Tips to make your book special:

  • We recommend vacation photos
  • Special food that he/she cooked
  • Do mention small incidents that touched you
  • Don’t forget to mention why you love him/her
  • Those dinner & movie dates
  • Don’t forget to mention the couple fights

This Anniversary is going to be special. Let us be a part of your memories. Let’s start working on this special book today.

Birthday Gift – A Personalised Book on Birthday Boy/Girl

Birthdays are always special. It’s a perfect time when one can showcase their love. We know how much time and effort goes in finding that special gift for the Birthday Boy/Girl. How about surprising your loved ones with a Book?

Whether it’s your spouse’s Birthday or the birthday of that special person in your life, your friend’s birthday or your children’s birthday or your parent’s birthday, these personalised books are made with love and affection, that can document anything you may want to wrap in the form of story and deliver in the form of Book, personalised in every possible way. Gifting a personalised book is an experience. It touches heart; it creates an everlasting memory, that can be there for generations to come.

And let us assure you that the book has always the creators’ stamp all over it, just in case you are wondering who is the creator.

It’s always you. We just help giving shape to your book; the ideas and thoughts are always yours.

Your hunt for that personalised, out of the box gift idea for your loved ones Birthday ends here.

Tips to make your book special:

  • Touch the person’s heart by telling more about him/her
  • What you like most about the person who is celebrating his/her B’day
  • Why his/her B’day is special
  • Pleasant memories of the person
  • How much you look forward to his/her B’day every year
  • Don’t forget to mention the special wish

Hey, don’t forget! Good things take time. Start working on your book today.

Story of Parents

Do you really need an occasion to gift something to your parents?

Parents are an integral part of our life. What are we without them? What better than documenting all that you received from them, telling them how much they mean to you, honouring them by gifting them a book containing memories from various walks of your life, their motivational stories, their support, their care and sacrifice, and telling them you are what you are because of them?

Not only you make your parents happy and make them realize your love, but also you are documenting your family values and treasure for the next generation. It is not enough for your kids to know them just by name and photos; let everyone know how great your parents are and what value system is running in the family. Let this book guide the generations to come.

Immortalise your love for your parents. Start writing your book on your parents today.

Tips to make your book special:

  • Mention the unconditional love you received from them
  • The sacrifice they made for you
  • Mention how you try to emulate them
  • How you see your role model in them
  • Your dreams for your parents
  • Why you can never be away from their shadow
  • How they are and always will be integral part of your life

Yes, it’s time to start working on this book.

Baby’s Milestones and Achievements

If you’re a new parent, it’s only natural that you would want to document and record your baby’s life. Whether it’s a daily record or a milestone like a first word or first birthday, there’ll never be a shortage of memories that need documenting. What’s more? There’s nothing more than gifting your kid after a couple of decades the collection of all the milestones wrapped in a beautiful way.

If you think back about your childhood, you would remember only a handful of incidents. Perhaps there was the time you fell out of a tree or the time you got stung by a bee. That’s often the way it is: we remember the traumas or a few hard-won triumphs. Other experiences disappear, vanishing beneath the waves in the flow of time.

What if you can make things to be different for your kids! You can help them cherish as much of their younger years as possible. Keeping a diary may sound a wonderful idea in theory, but life keeps you so busy, that you would never be able to find the time to write in a diary every day — or even every month.

How about documenting the milestone every year or every six months? Just imagine how would your son/daughter feel when he/she goes through these books when they are grown up adults! Every time they go through the book, it will touch their soul and we are sure they will be always thankful to you for this gift of lifetime.

Tips to make your book special:

  • Do mention the changes in life after you became a parent
  • How your child is the focal point of your life
  • The memories that you have
  • The first time your child walked
  • The details of daily incidents that make you smile
  • The feeling of his/her touch
  • The smile that always make you forget your problems

Oh! We can go on and on. Awaiting for you to start writing your book.

Family Book

Why do you need a Family Book?

The answer is simple, in this digital world and in the times of nuclear family most of us tend to forget our family legacy. Its tough for kids today to recall their grand parents, family accendence and lineage. Write a book so that the etos, values and heritage is read and understood by todays generation and the same value system is passed on from one generation  to another.

Write a book on your family so that the generations to follow know who their forefathers were, how they looked and what they contributed to the family and to the society. Oh yes! Take the initiative to write a book on your family. It’s going to be a legacy for generations to come.

Tips to make your book special:

 Don’t forget to mention the family tree

  • Mention the important milestones of the family
  • The struggles and sacrifice of your forefathers
  • Document the roots of the family and origin
  • Get the pictures of all family members
  • Do leave a message for generations to come

 Together let’s create that special Family book today.

Other Occasions

We are sure we didn’t cover all occasions and all possible stories that one can pen down. We will be more than happy to be a part of any kind of story for anyone or for any occasion that you may plan.

The whole idea behind MyKahani is to help people express love and emotions to people who matter. We believe that Books are always a gift for lifetime and if you can create one by yourself with all your thoughts, it is undoubtedly the Best Gift.

Come, experience MyKahani, and create the gift that will inspire the generations to come.